Alexis Threlfall

I moved to Charfield in 2015, having lived just up the road in Wotton-Under-Edge for a year and a half. I have family in the area, and love the country lifestyle having grown up in the centre of Bristol.

I work on the edge of Bristol for a telecommunications company, but spend most of my time in the village outside of work.

I’m an avid Land Rover enthusiast, and general tinkerer be it Computers (my profession) to engineering (my passion). LEGO is also a big passion, and I regularly exhibit at shows alongside fellow AFOL’s and members of GertLUG.

I live with my partner Helen, and 3 dogs and a cat. I can normally be found with my nose in a book (albeit electronically these days) or relaxing in front of the wood stove.

Being a technical sort of person, I hope to bring a lot of knowledge to the council, and am glad that I can give back a bit to the community.

2021 has seen a lot of changes for me personally, as I have come out to everyone as being Transgender. I’m still the same person, but with a different look now, and hopefully a bit more style! Please don’t be afraid about getting things wrong with pronouns or my name, as I’m not fussy about that sort of thing!