Mark Rosher

Chairman of the Council

Born in Bristol, I’ve lived in the west country nearly all my life. At the turn of the century my family and I moved out to Charfield to escape the increasing traffic congestion and improve our daughter’s school option. I joined the Parish Council in 2007 initially in order to help bring the then nascent burial ground into actuality, and became Chairman of the Council in 2009. For reasons best left unexamined I have been voted back as Chairman every year since then!

I took early retirement from the National Grid in 2015, where I had been a professional electrical engineer for nearly thirty years. I now spend my time with Janet gardening and walking the countryside, or out on Morrigan, my Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle. I’m an enthusiastic amateur photographer and a mediocre bass guitarist, and I have been known to sample good beer and better whisky from time to time. I am also a charity Trustee of, and an active Druid within, The Druid Network.

I find the challenge of Parish Council work interesting and inspiring, and of course there is self-interest in working to improve ones own environment. I’d be happy to chat with anyone who was interested in the work of a Parish Councillor, over tea or coffee… or even beer. There is always more that can be done.