Naomi Newns

I have been a resident of Charfield for nearly fifty years. Together with my husband we have raised our family within the village. Our two children attended the local schools and they now live close by in Wotton with our three grandchildren.

During my working life I was a State Registered Nurse mostly at the old Southmead Hospital. How different things are now at the new version! I took retirement ten or so years ago and decided that since the village had given my family and I a good life over many years, that I would like to give something back in return. I have always enjoyed a good discussion and debate so I joined the Parish Council. In addition to participating in the day-to-day activities of the council I have taken a special interest in the younger members of the village and their welfare and dedicated facilities. I have also assisted in the process of establishing and developing the new graveyard.

Charfield in 1970 was already in the situation of a small village coping with the impact of a large development known as the Old Manor Estate. Since that time, the village has continued to expand steadily. Now with the high demand for more houses countrywide, it is important that the councillors try to minimise the effects on local life of the most recently planned developments.