There are many beautiful and interesting Public Rights of Way within Charfield Parish and many of them join up with those of adjacent parishes.

PROW are generally historic routes established by farmworkers as they walked from their homes to their places of work, some came later, and all are now legally protected assets of our landscape.

You can view the PROW map to the left of this text. If that’s not large enough you can download a new version (2020) here. This is the latest PROW map we have and still shows OCH8, which is now a slightly diverted Permissive Path.

The volunteer footpath wardens we have in Charfield regularly walk these routes, and carry out informal minor maintenance. However, responsibility for these rights of way and footpaths lie with the Landowner and the Parish Council has no specific legal powers of enforcement itself.

Larger works are carried out by South Gloucestershire.