We’ve had a number of approaches from parishioners concerned that various public rights of way (PROW) around the village are currently either impassible or difficult to negotiate because of crops or other landowner issues.

For clarity, the the landowner “must not allow crops, other than grass, to grow on or overhang the minimum width of any footpath, bridleway or byway, so as to inconvenience the public or prevent the line of the right of way from being apparent on the ground”.

There is a PROW here, somewhere.

The minimum width is defined as

  • Footpath – cross field; min. 1.0m, max. 1.8m
  • Footpath – field edge/headland; min. 1.5m, max. 1.8m
  • Bridleway – cross field; min. 2.0m, max. 3.0m 
  • Bridleway- field edge/headland; min. 3.0m, max. 3.0m
  • Other unsurfaced highway; min. 3.0m, max. 5.0m
Minimum width?

The simplest way to report an obstructed PROW is to use Outdoors West

Use the interactive map (also useful for finding PROW and other routes around the area) and click on “Path Problem”. Outdoors West will then contact the appropriate landowner and or authority for remedial action.

Alternatively, you can contact the county council:

Public Rights of Way, South Gloucestershire Council
Department of Environment and Community Services, PO Box 299 StreetCare and Transport Services, Civic Centre, Kingswood, Bristol, BS15 0DR Telephone 01454 868004

Although the County Council undertakes highway maintenance in the area, and this includes PROW, the Parish Council also has a Power under the Highways Act 1980 to repair and maintain public footpaths and bridleways in the area, and if anyone wishes to volunteer as ‘footpath warden’ they can contact the Clerk for more information.