We have received official notice from South Gloucestershire Council that Charfield Neighbourhood Development Plan will be going to Referendum on Thursday 6th May 2021 alongside the Police & Crime Commissioner and Combine Authority Mayoral elections.  If you live within the Referendum area, this will be included on your poll card.

The CNDP Referendum asks one simple question “Do you want South Gloucestershire to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Charfield to help it decided planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

This is the culmination of six years hard work by a group of dedicated volunteer residents who have battled through national and local planning and policy documents to produce the Charfield Neighbourhood Development Plan – the first Neighbourhood Plan for the county of South Gloucestershire.

The work that has gone into this document will secure positive controls over development within Charfield for years to come. If adopted by local referendum it will shape the way Charfield evolves buy placing limits on what can be built, how it can be built and how best we can secure the future of our environment.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan is not a promotion of development. It is a set of policy documents that sit alongside South Gloucestershire’s planning documents with equal status, for determining how applications should be dealt with, if and when they arise.

The affirmative adoption of the CNDP will also mean that more of the Community Infrastructure Levy from housing development within the parish will pass directly into the parish – an increase from 15% to 25% – money that can be spent on improving facilities for the community as a whole.

The Parish Council endorses the CNDP and hopes that the electorate of Charfield will vote “Yes” for South Gloucestershire to adopt the Plan as part of the future planning documentation for Charfield Parish.

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