If you’ve been walking around the village as part of your lockdown exercise you might have noticed the works to the burial ground wall. Already in need of a little care and attention when we opened the burial ground in 2012, as we established more of the site it moved up the priority list. We are so very happy with the new look!

Burial Ground Wall Refurbishment
Burial Ground Wall Refurbishment

Once completed the top will again be set with cock and hen capstones. The work is being carried out by local company KLH Garden Maintenance, who also keep the burial ground mowed and tidy. The verge on the other side of the wall has been planted with hundreds of snowdrops, thanks to CUGUC, and this year showed they were beginning to thrive (despite the attentions of some inattentive lorry drivers…)

Future works at the burial ground will bring the establishment of the oak shelter included in the original planning permission. The tender process for this work has been completed and we hope to have the shelter erected this summer.

The wall that divides our burial ground from the closed churchyard opposite is in the ownership of South Gloucestershire Council, and is also listed as part of the Grade One listing of St James’s Church. We hope that in time work will be carried out to protect and improve the condition of this wall.

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