screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-19-11-40Today, and for the next six weeks, you respond to a Consultation on the Joint Spatial Strategy (JSP) and Joint Transport Study (JTS) now being developed.

Charfield Parish Council is aware that these documents present an additional thousand homes for our village, doubling it in size over the next two decades, while making seemingly inadequate provision for the increase in traffic, the additional children, and the employment aspirations of the people expected to move to Charfield. That they also propose an additional two to three thousand homes just over the motorway, on the A38 between Whitfield and Milbury Heath, and offer little scope for improving the already “at capacity” junction 14 of the M5 leads Charfield Parish Council to believe this is a poorly thought through and unsustainable plan.

The Consultation is relatively short and covers a huge geographic area (a triangle of the west country between here, Bath and Weston Super Mare). It is vital that we all take the time to read the document and respond to the six consultation questions.

The questions are here:

  1. Does the proposed strategy make adequate provision to address the housing needs of the West of England?
  2. How can we increase the delivery of homes, in particular much needed affordable homes in the West of England?
  3. Does the proposed strategy make adequate provision to address the economic and employment needs of the West of England?
  4. Does the Preferred Spatial Strategy and the locations identified meet the plan’s strategic priorities and vision?
  5. Are there any reasons why this strategy or identified locations could not be delivered?
  6. Is the Preferred Spatial Strategy the most appropriate strategy, when considered against the reasonable alternatives?

Charfield Parish Council will be discussing this Consultation and making a response. We believe it is in the best interests of Charfield residents that they EACH respond individually as well. You may need to register on the site and log in to respond. Please do. This is additional to the current survey on the Charfield Neighbourhood Plan and equally important to our future.

Charfield Parish Council is not against development, and is aware this is a twenty year plan. Doubling the size of the village in an uncontrolled fashion however presents problems, which these plans do not address meaningfully.